My full name is Francisco Cayetano Naranjo Jurado. I was born is Seville.


This web is born in the spirit of a catalogue of my work from my years at the Fines Arts School up to the present. The idea was to make a selection of my work, but having lost the better part of my photographic documents it turned into a recovery of painting, of the ones that were recoverable, of course.


You will find pieces that range from my years as a fine arts student to the present, beginning with my most recent work and working backward to the 70’s.


My first contact with an art studio took place when I was twelve. My father enrolled me in the atelier of the illustrious painter, Manuel González Santos, who lived in Ángeles Street in the Santa Cruz quarter. A grand artist!


At the age of fourteen I entered the School of Applied Arts in the Chilean Pavilion where I did three years of preparation. They were salutary lessons and an internal ratification that it was the course I wanted to stay on. I received classes from Armando del Río who could be considered my first master and precursor in many senses. He encouraged me to dedicate myself to painting. From here I extend to him my gratitude; and also to Eduardo Acosta, Miguel Pérez Aguilera, Antonio Zambrana, Ramón Monsalves, amongs others.


At the age of seventeen I entered the Santa Isabel de Hungría Faculty of Fine Arts where I studied up to teacher training. There I had the chance to share with and learn from classmates of great talent. I received the teachings that I wanted, and also friendship. I was never interested in teaching, though. It was another road that interested me; the road of dreams…


With reference to my present work, I am integrating elements that allow me to go deeper into new fields, with calligraphies that let me splash around in the most attractive undertaking a human being can take on: the pursuit of the unknown.


Textures, bas-reliefs, mechanisms that kept time as well as clocks that still do, electronic systems and, in short, any type of element that can potentiate the underlying idea of a piece. Likewise, I look to see that each painting has its own DNA since each story is different, and that is how I like to describe them: in different ways. I think that each project can be expressed in greater depth depending to the technique that is used. I use symbols that are universal, as simple as the ones used in stories, making a hidden message of the magic that dwells in them; moons, suns, shooting stars, in short, cosmic and telluric symbols together.


I work, for the most part, from memory to escape from the photographic image, from what is visually immediate. I like to move in the recreation of reality, re-interpret it, sometimes from the oneiric world, from the tragicomedy mask, with the human figure as the interpreter because behind a look there dwells solitude and hope.


I believe that painting is like a huge prism with a multitude of facets. Fortuity forms a part of one of those facets. Pablo Picasso used a sentence that alluded to what is accidental in painting, and I have used it so many times that it might belong to us both. He stated,”How nice it would be to go to the beach and find a watch, but how stupid it would be to go to the beach with the intention of finding a watch.






I have done the jackets for several records and CDs; by José María Maldonado; by the “Rocío” Chorus of the Church of the Salvador of Seville; for CD called “Sensuality and Meditation” by the sexologist, Olga Bertomeu, among many others. I have carried out projects for stage sets for the 1992 World´s Fair Seville. I did the cover for the opening speech of the “Parade of the Wise Men” in 1997 by Luís Varas Japón.

I have been interviewed for art publications and magazines such as the German architecture magazine “Wohntraume”, the also German publication “Bellvue”, and “COOL MGZN”, as well as in newspapers: ABC, El Correo de Andalucía, El Mundo, El País, Diario de Sevilla, and others.


I have dabbled in the world of cinema in a short film about my work and my everyday life, by the director Javier Molina, for which he received an award. I also worked as artistic director in another short film with the award winning and greatly talented director from Seville, Juan José Serrano. I have participated in interviews for radio and televisión.

I have carried out commissions and studies for several institutions and individuals around the world.


1977 – Siver Medal, 3rd National Paint Competition sponsored by the Council of Seville, (Mudéjar Pavilion).


1978 – Finalist, Rome Scholarship, Autumn Exhibit Seville (The prize was not awarded).


1979 – National Paint Competition, Council of Cadiz, invitation.


1980 – Art auction, Carlos Hotel, Bilbao.


1982 – Individual exhibit, Meliá Hotel, Alicante.


1983– Exhibit, Sadartys Gallery, Seville.


1985 – Art auction, Sadartys Gallery, Madrid.


1989 – Collective exhibit, Roldán Gallery, Seville.


1992 – Individual exhibit, Antares Club, Seville.


1995 – Collective exhibit, Roldán Gallery, Seville.


1998 – Art auction, Saturdays Gallery, Barcelona.


2004 – “Perro Andalúz” Plastic Arts Award.


2007 – 10th International Biennial “Arte Sevilla”, Seville Convention Hall.


2009 – Collective Exhibit “Architecture, Science and Technology”, GP-13 Gallery, Seville.


2010 – Art auction, Joao Pessoa, Brasil


2011 - AMARILLO, MAGENTA, AZUL. Paco Naranjo, Pinturas, 1971-2011. Boo

 Individual exhibit, Sede de Andalucía Seville de UNICEF


2012- Semana Santa cover`s guide El Llamador, Sevilla.


2013-  Exhibit Galry Gallery, París, Francia.


2013- Exhibit Artmeet Gallery, Milán, Italia.


2013-  Exhibit Artmeet Gallery, Milán, Italia. Promovido por el Consulado de Suecia y Finlandia.


Paco Naranjo

Pinturas 1971-2014

Exaltación del otoño. Acrílico sobre madera. 120x60 cm
Exaltación del otoño. Acrílico sobre madera. 120x60 cm

Exaltación del otoño. Acrílico sobre madera.  120x60cm.